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Yarning Circle with Sandstone Blocks

Landscape Feature with Communication

Kimberley Sandstone A Grade Sandstone Blocks for Yarning Circles

Reconnect with nature; reconnect with your family and friends.

Supplied and installed by forklift to keep your logs in pristine condition.

In todays modern world it is easy to disconnect to nature and people so take a step back a few hundred years to a time where people told stories around the camp fire.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have been using yarning circles for thousands of years. Yarning for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people was, and still is, a conversational process that involves the telling of stories as a way of passing on cultural knowledge. These circles provide a safe place for all to speak without judgement. The conversations within a yarning circle have always focused on strengths and not problem solving and criticisms. It is a collaborative way to communicate and provides a respectful place to be heard and to respond. Today, they are used as a meeting place for both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Aboriginal communities to come together.


500x500x1000 or 500x500x1500 Sandstone Blocks are the perfect Yarning Circle combination

Sandstone Blocks is a great natural product that will add Rustic Charm to your natural landscape setting.

Sandstone LOGS, RANDOM BOULDERS and BLOCKS are great products to create garden, landscape and utility features for home, shire and recreational facilities.

Order a Kimberly Sandstone Yarning Circle today because what is a better combination than fire and stone.



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