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Cobblestone Paving

Modern Cobblestones, or Setts, are mostly cut granite or other hard stones (as opposed to simply rounded river stones) but still retain the ancient benefits of being hard-wearing and easy to maintain.

In fact modern Setts or Cobblestone is becoming more popular, not just in specialised public architectual projects but in estate roadways and home pathways and driveways. It certainly adds a distinctive appearance to any project and involves little maintainance once laid.


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Porphyry Cobblestones


Named after the Ancient Greek word for 'purple', an indication of royalty, this mostly granite or basalt rock is interspersed with crystals like quartz.

Natural Finish600x400x30on mesh
(pictured above)
$76 cov/m2
Natural FinishFan Shape
(pictured left)
on mesh$76 cov/m2
Silver Granite Cobblestones

Silver Granite

Being an Igneous Rock (formed by cooling lava) Granite is hard wearing. The colour depends on the conditions and environment under which the lava cools.

Flamed300x300x20on mesh$72 cov/m2
Black Granite Cobblestones

Black Granite

Granite has been used as Cobblestones of various forms from the earliest of civilisations.

Flamed300x300x20on mesh$79 cov/m2

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